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Us at home

Welcome to this presentation of The Raisin Makers, a page unlike any other. SShhh..., don't tell anyone but when our pet humans were asleep, we snuck onto the computer and created this page. We are both around 3 years old and live in a castle somewhere in upstate NY.

Now we will introduce ourselves, we are Moosa (the dark brown one) and Ramon (the light brown one). we like to eat lettuceOur hobbies include sleeping, eating, chewing and scratching things, construction work, jumping and running like crazy, and um sleeping. We really like veggies! We eat anything, like carrots, lettuce, broccoli, celery. We also like hay and quaker oats, tastes so good. Once in a while, the humans give us treats like raisins or some candy bars. But we probably can't have too many of those or else we'd get fat. We're not fat but sometimes the humans call us "fat" and laugh. That ticks us off cuz we can outrun their lazy butts anyday.

we like granola barsWe usually hang out in our pad (or cage, as the humans call it). Sometimes the humans lock the door to our pad. Its nice and cozy. We like to sleep during the daytime and chill the rest of the time. When the humans let us come out of our pad, we are so happy that we run around and jump in the air all over the place, the humans find that very funny. We like to rip things apart, the tougher the material, the more we love it, we love a good challenge. Our resume includes many shoeboxes, large magazines and big computer boxes. We also like to dig up carpet. Our goal is to chew up the entire carpet in this castle, its so much fun. We were working at a great pace at the carpet in the bathroom, then for some reason the humans stopped letting us in. We also like to chew through cords. You give us a cord, we'll chew through it in no time. But for some reason, the humans hid or protected all of their cords too.

We like our humans, they're pretty cool. say cheeseThey give us food and try to play with us. We really like it that they watch WWF and Yankee baseball, we get to watch some great TV shows because of them. Sometimes they will kick us or try to pick us up the wrong way, but that's ok. We really do love our humans, we like to crawl on them when they lay next to us. We give them kisses too, they're so cute. But they have these funny ears, they're so small. Once they even put us on leashes and took us for a walk! That was so much fun.

About the authors ...

ramoney Ramon was born around January 1999 and started his life as a funny bunny in March 1999. His smaller size does not bother him as he is very assertive and adventurous. Ramon likes to play with toilet brushes and koosh balls. He is a future center in the NFL as his favorite pasttime is to hike anything and everything.

the moose Moosa was also born around January 1999 and became a funny bunny in March 1999. He is more timid but funny nonetheless. He is surprisingly fast and agile considering his larger size but does have his clumsy moments. Moosa likes to eat Papa John's pizza and lucky charms.